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Connie Inch (1946-2023)

Worked with a variety of watercolor techniques to achieve desired results. When exploring landscapes and forms, Connie incorporates feeling with manipulation of spectacle. Her works are presented with the aim of exposing the energy of a subject and its emotional vibrations. Moments are depicted which highlight her celebration of poetic meaning in everyday life. Her works sometimes radiate her joy of beauty with layers of meaning, and at other times incorporate conciseness, each providing opportunity for further interpretation by the viewer.


I have always felt that watercolor is much less forgiving than other painting mediums, affording only limited amounts of correction before the paint begins to lose its intrinsic beauty. I have enjoyed the journey into this medium, full of challenges to create the illusion of land, water, sky, space, light and air in all of our art work. I hope the watercolor painting you have chosen gives you many years of pleasure and puts a smile on your face as you remember your trip to Kauai.

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